4 SEO Case Studies That Will Inspire You To Optimize Your Blog

If there’s one thing that counts most in your online presence, it’s your site traffic.

One of the best ways to ace it is by optimizing your blog for search engines. In fact, 82% of marketers believe that it’s the most effective way to boost one’s business.

As appealing as SEO sounds, reaching the top of search results for your target keyword is no easy feat. There are factors that you can control (on-page SEO) and those outside your jurisdiction (blog niche).

Therefore, if you want your blog to rank in search results, then you need to take a cue from the case studies featured below. Each of the blogs employed different strategies that helped them reach the top of Google, most of which you’ll find useful when optimizing your blog.

1. Mad Lemmings – High Traffic to a Site in a Crazy Niche

Ashley Faulkes of Mad Lemmings optimized a site selling edible insects, a very narrow and possibly uninteresting niche for more. He accepted the challenge and did things the old-fashioned way — brainstorming topics. They did it with the help of Google’s Keyword Planner.

Its weakness turned out to be its strength. Its specific niche made it easy to outperform the competition. Ty can rank.

Mad Lemmings set small, but attainable goals and focused on long tail keywords. Changes didn’t happen overnight though. It was a slow, but steady progress. It even took them months to build their domain authority through careful competitor research.

This Is Why I’m Broke now gets more than $20,000 and 2.8 million visits per month. They also have over 300,000 social media followers. Thinking outside the box is the way-to-go in this saturated industry. Spice up your blog and offer valuable content. When you do, then it’ll surely stand out.

3. Robbie Richards – Almost 12k% Increase in Organic Traffic

Robbie Richards optimized UAV Coach, a super niche blog about commercial drones. He focused on improving its keywords and content. Though this is common for all SEO specialists, he approached these more aggressively.

Richards created top-notch ever-green content targeted to beginner pilots — the niche’s biggest audience. He used keywords suggested by Keyword Planner and placed it in crucial areas. He also linked to high-DA sites to provide greater value and gain backlinks.

After 18 months of SEO implementation, the blog got 152,732 visits. This is a whopping 12,134% increase! Indeed, producing great content and placing carefully hand-picked keywords in key places goes a long way.

4. Elite Legal Marketing – Personal injury law firm is dominating in 7 different cities

Elite Legal Marketing is an SEO agency that optimizes law firm sites. Sounds not too appealing for the regular reader, right? That’s the problem of one of its clients, May Firm. Elite built up their client’s identity by working on a citation audit and building program.

They used Google My Business to put their client on the map. They also did link building and reputation management. Matched it with an aggressive web optimization campaign for a few months, and it turned out great.

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